Video transcription

Hi, my name's Dave Andrews, and today I'm going to talk to you about laptop fans that run all the time. Now, if you are using your laptop, and your fan is constantly running while you're using your laptop, chances are that laptop's CPU is running very, very hot and needs the fan to run all the time. Most fans in modern laptops have multiple settings for speed. Whereas they'll run at low speed while the CPU's not running very hot, and that way you can't hear it, and then if the CPU requires more processing power and heats up, that fan will actually spin up at...faster to get air out of the laptop faster. The causes of this can possibly be several things. Number one is the programs that you're running on your laptop. Do they require a lot of processing power? Is it like a video game that's really, really taxing your processor in your computer? Or are you just running something like a text editor, that requires pretty much no processing at all? Another thing could be the actual physical location where you have the laptop sitting. As you can see with this laptop, I've got it sitting on a flat surface, on a desk. And, most laptops will have little legs on the bottom that raise them up about, you know, a quarter of an inch or so from the surface that they're sitting on. And the reason that they're raised off of that surface is so air can get under the laptop and flow freely. And, now if this laptop was sitting square on top of this desk without the legs holding it up, or if I had some kind of porous cloth that was on top of this desk, you know, like a tablecloth or, you know, a towel or something like that, if I was sitting my laptop on that, or, say, you use your laptop, you know, in your bed and you have it sitting on your bedspread in your lap or something like that, air cannot get into the laptop and it's going to warm up. And that'll cause the fan to come on and try to cool that laptop off. So keep in mind the surface that you have your laptop sitting on as well. My name is Dave Andrews, and I've just talked to you about laptop fans that run all the time.