Video transcription

There are a lot of antique vases out there and you're not quite sure the value of them? I'm Blake Kennedy and I'm at Patty and Friends Antique Mall in St. Petersburg, Florida. That's one thing that the antique shops and the antique malls have plenty of is antique vases and you want to know maybe what kind of value to put on some of them. Well it depends on which one you want. There's some that are made of porcelain, some they're made of pottery and some that are glass, some that are hand-blown. The prices are from anywhere from five dollars to thousands of dollars. It all depends on what kind of vase you have and what kind of value is on it if it's a common one or one that just, is not common. Today I have, you know, Kati Clear and the cuts on it are just nice and wide. There's not much, not much to this one. It's red Kati Clear glass but as you can look around, there's not just much cut work done to that. It didn't take that much time at all to do this so the value on that is just right about forty to fifty dollars. And then you have Roseville, Roseville pottery. It has a nice vase as they made all kinds of different pieces but their vases are nice, new different patterns that they have. But they range anywhere from a hundred and sixty five to a hundred and seventy five dollars. The prices vary from region to region. There's a lot of many antique shops, you have prices to, you have room to negotiate when, when trying to, you know, purchase of antique vase. So when it comes to really pricing a vase, it all comes down to whether you really like the vase and you like the look of it. So, you know, negotiate a little bit because there a vases to choose from. My name is Blake Kennedy and I hope that help.