Video transcription

Hi I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm here to tell you how to make a hardwood floor shiny. Hardwood is, in my opinion, the best floor you can have in your house. Even if it does get damaged or a little bit of water damage or a few scratches it really adds character and that is why they have been using hardwood on the floors for so long. Carpet adds dust and can contaminate your air. It is really bad for people with allergies. It harbors dust mites and things like that so hardwood is awesome so you want to keep it looking good. The first thing about keeping a hardwood floor shiny is don't be too picky. I know you paid a lot of money for that hardwood floor but it's not going to stay perfect forever. If you live in your home it is going to look lived in and that's o'kay. Hardwood floors with a few scratches and a few imperfections in my opinion look better than a perfectly you know newly laid hardwood floor. Do put those little felt tips on your furniture and things like that so you don't make huge scratches but if you want to keep it shiny here's what you do. Either in a bucket or a spray bottle I filled this bottle up with mostly water and then I put about a cup of vinegar in it. This is an excellent way to clean your floor. It's an excellent disinfectant. It is extremely inexpensive and it is recommended by most hardwood flooring companies. This is what you are going to clean with weekly or every other week. You are just going to spray vinegar and water. Of course you want to sweep or vacuum the floor first. If you have pets I suggest vacuuming because you will pick up the pet hair instead of just spreading it around so you just want to mop your floors with vinegar and water every week or every other week. You can buy this stuff Orange Glo, there is tons of different commercials for hardwood floor cleaners. They are a little bit pricey but they do smell good so some people really like the smell of things like this and that is perfectly fine. The thing you need to watch for is if it contains wax the wax is going to build up on your floor so if you are going to use something like this don't use it every time you mop your floor or you are going to build up wax on your floor and it is going to look really bad. Once you build up enough wax on your floor it doesn't look shiny any more, it looks dingy and dirty. So if you do use something like this don't use it more than once a month. A natural way to add shine to your hardwood floor is olive oil. If you add about a tablespoon or two tablespoons to your spray bottle of vinegar and water this is going to add a little bit of shine and a little bit of moisture to your floor. Again I would say only do this no more than once a month because you don't want everybody falling down on your floor because it is super slippery. This just adds moisture back into it and lets it last a little bit longer. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you clean and shine a hardwood floor.