Video transcription

Hi I'm Karen Rodowicz with JK Flowers and I'm here to show you how to do a hair arrangement with fresh flowers. The first thing you want to start off with is either a plain clip or a comb which you can see I have here. The next thing I am going to use is just a rose stem of which I have cut at an angle. I am now going to attach it to the comb and I am going to use some floral wire which you can get at your local craft store or some place where, even at your local florist. I am just going to take the local floral wire and I'm just going to wrap it around the stem of the rose and through the comb until the rose is secure. Once the rose is secure you can tuck under the wires so they won't poke you and now you have a rose that is attached for your hair clip. You want to make sure that you do this either the day before or the morning of the event that you plan to put these flowers in your hair because you want them to look fresh and you want to keep them from wilting. Once again I'm Karen Rodowicz with JK Flowers and I hope this was helpful.