Video transcription

The question is whether or not humans can catch mange. When we're talking about mange, well, we need to talk about, what is it. It is a mite, very, very microscopic mites that live in the skin. When we talk about mange, we're usually discussing dogs. There are two types of mange in dogs. One, demadetic mange, which most dogs have. They can not be transmitted to humans. And the other type of mange is sarcoptic mange, which is also called red mange, a very itchy type of mite, which actually humans can catch from their dogs. Now, it is self limiting if a human catches it. It will cause a little area of irritation, itchiness, and that tends to go away, because mites like to be on their specific type of host. But the answer is yes, that humans can catch mange. If you think your dog has a type of mange, get them checked out at your regular clinic, or if you think that you might have caught something, get yourself checked out at a dermatologist.