Video transcription

Hi my name is Izabella and now I'm going to show you how to burn free music. If you like to download free music from the internet and burn a CD please watch this video. Let's open a web browser first and now let's visit a website where you would like to get the free music, download it from. A website can be for example music dot download dot com. and here you can get both music for free and music against paying. On the left hand side you can see that you can select music by style and categories and if on the above part of the screen in the search part you write in free music for example and click on go you will get at least free downloadable music. If you click on the first song for example this free worship music you have to click on the see all free tracks and now we will get the play list. Here are the free downloadable musics. If you click on download free mp3 on the left hand side on the bottom part of the screen you can see a small window appearing with the status of the downloading. You can insert the CD in your computer and open Nero program. You select audio and make audio CD. Now click on add on the right hand side and here you can select the files and the folders which you would like to burn on the CD. Now we select the music that we have just downloaded from the internet. Now you click on next and here you can see the settings, you can change for example the title of the CD and you can also change the writing speed. If you are good with the settings you click on burn and the files and musics are going to burned on your CD.