Video transcription

Hi, this is Andrew Reynolds and today I'm going to show you how to make the knots necessary for making a tire swing, hanging from your tree. I'm going to teach you three separate knots, really quick. First off is the double bolen. This is a very secure knot for securing up things that you're going to be hanging them from. Basically, all's you do is you take your rope and you loop two loops on top of this, and at this point you're going to take, if you have your tire swing right here, you're going to take this rope and thread it through the tire. So this is where the top portion of the tire would be hanging. And then you would go up through those knots, and then, basically, right back through. And then as you would pull this tight, or pull from the top, it really doesn't matter, this, of course, once again, is where the tire would be going through. Of course, it's much smaller, but this is just a demonstration purpose. The double bolen is a very secure knot, and this will not cinch up on itself, so you don't have to worry about the tire kind of getting crimped in again and again by the kids sitting on it. Then for the top, where it's hanging on the tree limb, we'll just hold on to this. This is our very flimsy tree limb, but you'll be able to get the idea. You would just take the rope, and place it over it. Give yourself a good amount of rope to work with, and then as you come back up through it, you're going to cross what you had originally done. Loop around it again, and then come up through the cross-over that you had just made. Now this, in itself, is called the clove hitch. But we got one more knot, just to make it extra certain now. This rope that you intend to use for the clove hitch, since it's going to be on top of a tree branch and they're typically rough, go ahead and wrap this in some duct tape or anything that you think would, just kind of give it some extra strength, as the tire swing goes back and forth so it doesn't rub itself raw. But if you want to make sure that this clove hitch holds indefinitely, you can make a taut line hitch on the bottom, here. And it's called, of course, a taut line hitch because this rope will be nice and taut, and, you know, pulled tight with the tire hanging from it. So you take your excess rope, and you start just a tiny bit below this existing knot, the clove hitch. And you're going to wrap around, just a couple times, right like that. And on the last one, you just come below all of those knots, and you wrap around and then you just come through that loop you just made, and you just, kind of, pull it up tight like that. Now it doesn't seem to be a whole heck of a lot, but after you've pulled it tight, you'll make sure, absolutely sure that this will not come loose and your child will be able to swing safely. So these, once again, are all the knots necessary for making a tire swing rope. Thanks for watching.