Video transcription

Hi, my name is Mark and we're going to look at how to take notes during conference calls. This is very, very important, obviously, if the conference, itself, is relevant to your business, your industry. Maybe you're a journalist. Maybe you're taking notes as an interested bystander. During this process, it's very important to have two or three, should I say three, tools. One, a pen. Some paper. And thirdly, in today's modern world, you could even use your MP3 player or your mobile phone to record what's being said if you don't want to miss any valuable information. But as the conference call is what we call 'live', happening at the time, and if you are actually at the event, then you're in a position where you can actually communicate with the speaker. And this is good, because if you actually have missed some information, or you have any questions, the floor is there for you to interact, obviously at a given period of time. But during the process, you can take notes. If you know shorthand, then, obviously, that would be very efficient in terms of getting down the information at a much faster level. But, as I said before, the three key tools are a piece of paper, a pen, and a recording device so that you won't miss any important information. During this process, please make sure that you're making notes, and, the key notes that you need. So obviously, with your recording device you can listen to everything, and then you can edit it from there. But if you're making notes shorthand, or with your own handwriting, then try and just get the key words down. This will allow you to focus a lot more on what's being said, and focus your attention a little bit more.