Video transcription

I'm Doctor David Thomas. I'm a practicing psychotherapist in Tampa, Florida with the Whitford-Thomas Group to speak to you today about the physical signs of depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are two blocks to happiness. The other two blocks to happiness are anger as well as guilt. So, when we talk about the physical signs of depression and anxiety, let's talk about depression first. With depression, oftentimes the physical signs of depression, since depression is, from a thinking standpoint, has two pieces. One of hopelessness and the other one of helplessness. Hopelessness means that things are not going to get better. Helplessness is, is that there's not much I can do about that. So what are the physical signs of that type of thinking, which is the depression, would be the person tends to have very little motivation. Oftentimes what you'll see with an individual who's depressed physically is that they don't tend to take care of themselves quite as well as they used to. They tend to neglect certain responsibilities, tend to put off things, tend to procrastinate extensively. What are the physical signs of anxiety? Since anxiety is probably the most uncomfortable of the four major blocks to happiness, again, the depression, guilt and anger, anxiety tends to show itself in a lot of....manifest itself in a lot of physical symptomology. One of the things you tend to see with anxiety symptoms is people tend to be very fidgety, have difficulty concentrating. Another physical sign of anxiety is a lot of uncomfortableness, which sometimes comes in the place of increased heart rate, increased perspiration, so oftentimes people who are anxious tend to get very sweaty palms. Often their heart seems like it's going to kind of bounce out of their chest. One of the...probably the most self-defeating or mal-adaptive pieces of anxiety would be the tendency to avoid. To confront a certain amount of life's hassles, if you will. I'm Doctor David Thomas speaking to you today about the physical signs of depression and anxiety.