Video transcription

Hi my name is Lauren and today I am here to discuss how to dye your hair with black tea. In order to color your hair with black tea you are going to have to brew some tea. You want to make sure that you brew it very strong. If normally you do one tea bag per cup you are going to want to do two tea bags per cup of tea. Depending on the length of your hair will depend on how much you actually brew for your tea. You are going to want to go into your bathroom, lean over a tub or lean over a sink because what you are automatically going to want to do while the tea is still warm, the warmth of the tea will actually help open up your cuticle and help that color seep in. Make sure the tea is not too hot. You don't want to scald your scalp while you do this. You are going to simply rinse your hair with the tea. It is going to be very watery. That's why I suggest going over the sink or going over something and so that way it can drain right down. You are going to want to rinse your hair about ten to fifteen times with the same tea that you have made. I recommend making enough tea in the beginning in order to cover your hair and do the full process, that way you don't need to stop in the middle in order to reapply. After you rinse it for the tenth to fifteenth time depending on how dark you want your hair to be or how much pigment you want to put in it you are then going to leave your hair for about fifteen to twenty minutes with the last one on. After about fifteen to twenty minutes you are then going to rinse it out, shampoo as usual and condition very well. Now tea is not a permanent hair color. You will have to reuse the tea concoction at least every week or week and a half. It will not stain your hair permanently. It will only last for a brief amount of time. However, it is a very natural way to change your hair color very briefly if you wanted to and just add a little bit more depth and that is how to color your hair with black tea.