Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to make invitations on your computer. We're going to use Microsoft Word to do this so let's go to our computer and open up Word. Just click on your start button, let's go to all programs, find Microsoft Office, let's click on Microsoft Word. Now what we are going to do is make a Birthday party invitation. And I've gone to the internet and I've downloaded a couple of birthday like pictures; I have a picture of some cookies and a birthday present and I'm just going to drop these on to my Word document and make it as a birthday party invitation. So basically let's just sort of center our text here and get a big sorta of clown like font, "see if I can find a good one". Let's try comic sands. Set our font to be very large and our text color to red. Let's type you're invited! Let's make our font actually a little bit larger than that one. I'm going to go with the highest it goes, 72. So there is our invitation text and down below it in a smaller more regular font, let's just type in where and our address, when, let's say this Saturday and above it let's put, right next to the "You're Invited" let's do a who, and I'm just going to type David's fifth birthday. Now let's put a couple of images into our document here. Just scroll down a little bit under that. And let's go to insert, set picture, let's grab our images that we pulled off the internet and just get those inserted here in to our document. Insert picture again, will add a picture of a birthday present as well. Now if I go to print, then say print preview, there is a quick mock up of our invitation that we just created, as you can see, let me pull it back up, print, print preview, as you can see, it's very easy to build your own invitations using Microsoft Word and you can flash this up with some more pictures and different fonts and texts. My name is Dave Andrews and I have just showed you how to make invitations on your computer.