Video transcription

No one's certain who made the first hamburger. One story says one guy took a meatball and squashed it and put it between two slices of bread. He did that just because he wanted to be walking around, eating his lunch. Whatever. I'm Jawara the chef, and I'm going to show you how to make a hamburger. First off, you go to the supermarket and get your fresh ground beef from your butcher. For best flavor, I like to use 20 percent fat. Now go wash your hands before you handle the meat. My hands are clean. Now I'm going to begin to start making my patties. They can vary in size, the best way that you think you want to make them. Start off like mid-size. About four to five-ounce burger patties right there. You don't want to make them too loose, you know. Now I have made my four patties. Now they're ready to be cooked. You season the hamburgers just before you cook them. I put a little kosher salt and a little fresh ground pepper. You don't want to put salt on the burgers way too far ahead, because the salt will bring out the moistures of the meat, and it will make it dry. You can cook your burgers outside on the grill, or you can do them in a pan just like I'm going to do. I have a cast iron skillet right here. And I've got these nice ridges in here, and got that cast iron lining. Okay. Get your pan nice and hot. You hear that sizzle. Now you put your burgers in. Nice. Be very careful. That's hot. Let them cook. You want to get a crust on them. Don't be flipping them. You've got to let them cook. Now you let it cook about four minutes on each side. Now you flip it over. Those nice grill marks. How do you know when your hamburger's done? If you're good, you can poke it in the middle. The looser it is, the more rare it is. Can you see how these guys are springing back on me? I know they're done. And you put them on your bun. Original hamburger: meatball, slice of bread. Burgers today. I'm Jawara the chef, and that's how you make your hamburgers.