Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to get rid of clover organically. Now, we have almost two acres, so it's really hard to keep the grassy areas free and clear from clover and other weeds cause' they just want to take over. But, it's only been a year and a half that we've been fighting the battle, and I'm amazed at how much clover we've actually gotten rid of, and how much grass we've got to replace it, and I'll show you an easy trick on how to get rid of that clover. So, this whole area is being covered in clover, and even some moss cause' it's a little bit shady, and I really haven't addressed this area yet cause' it's kind of gone wild. But what I'm going to do; in the spring and the fall I'm really diligent about this, and what I'll do is just cover the clover with a little bit of a layer of compost. And then, I'll turn around and put just tons of grass seed; perennial, Ryegrass, or Kentucky Bluegrass for the northwest, and make sure it's a mix and not usin' the annuals too, cause' I don't want to replace it every year, but I'm just consistently covering it up with dirt and putting lots of grass seed in, and in the spring the grass seed will come in and it will fight against the clover. By doing that every spring and fall; just putting some compost over wherever you have clover and putting a bunch of grass seed into that the grass seed will push the clover out. It might take a while for it to be completely removed from your garden, but it's worth the effort. Another trick that I have used is just to take boiling water and just pour it right onto the clover, and what happens is it kills the clover instantly, and even some of the grass, but when it fills in again a lot of times the clover will get pushed out by the new grass, cause' I'm always reseeding my grass; every spring and every fall. And that way, I can get rid of all of the other weeds that I don't want, and I can keep the beautiful grass.