Video transcription

One other thing that I do dry myself are the leaves from the roses. When they get dried they have their own separate scent and fragrance. This is the mixture of a lot of different kinds of roses, so it's hard to tell which ones are which. I usually get them, take them right off of the roses. I wish I'd known for years that rose leaves have a market because you can actually buy bags of rose leaves for potpourri. But I use to have a beautiful rose garden and I could of been selling them instead of cutting them up and making mulch out of them. But I just dry the leaves and they come out nice and crisp and just let them air dry, whatever works. I have used a dryer to help dry the leaves. Some of the other things that I have dried myself are; orange peel, you can put that into a lot of different types of potpourri, lemon peel, even the actual orange slices and lemon slices, limes, different things like that that you can actually, even apples slices. I've done a lot of apple slices. There's a lot of uses for apples slices besides potpourri too. But potpourri is fun to make for yourself or to give as gifts or to sell.