Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amelia on behalf of I'll be talking about highlighting at home. Let's say you are prodomently gray or even if you are starting to gray. But you don't necessarily want to begin doing all over color, highlights are a great way to add some dimension and some color back to the hair. If you are prodomently dark but you just have a few streaks of white you can begin by just adding some blond in. What that will do is that would actually blend in the gray so once your gray starts growing out with the blond you wouldn't see it as much. So your maintenance is going to be a lot less on something like this verses permanent color. If you are prodomently white you can actually go in and put your natural color back in as a lowlight and what that will do is that will add quite a bit of dimension as well. It can also take you back a few years back in time that is. Just by adding a little bit of dark back into this gray you can be amazed by just how much it makes it look more like this. That is another great trick that you can do and the maintenance on something like that isn't much either. You are thinking maybe every three months so gray blending is a great technique to use for those of us who don't want the maintenance of monthly color.