Video transcription

I would like to talk to you about the proper use and maintenance of a yard weed eater. One nice thing about the electric yard tool is, though, is that there's no priming, no choke, no pull starting, fighting with the machine trying to get it started. It's really quite simple, you just simply plug it in and it's ready to use. One word of caution, though, make sure that the throttle control, or trigger, on-off trigger is in the off position prior to plugging it in. And also, since plugging this machine in is going to potentially render it active, or potentially usable, before plugging it in, or before starting your gas-powered one, I recommend putting on your safety gear. And to plug it in, again, is really quite simple. This one, as with many, they have a locking feature here. It's a way of fastening the extension cord to the unit so that it doesn't come unplugged while you're using it. If it were just simply plugged in, you may be going around a bush or shrub, the extension cord gets caught on the shrub and would potentially unplug it. While they've added a little feature that they've molded in, and what you do, you make a small loop in your extendion cord, and while we're on the topic of extension cords, most of you electric weed eaters or yard tools, you don't require at least a house-hold version, or a consumer version, you don't need a really heavy gauge extension cord, just a standard extension cord typically will do. Anyway, this is how it works, you just push it through and it locks on to, latches on to the latch there, like so. And then you plug it in. And again, there is, you have to observe polarity on here. Even though it's alternating current, they have, one prong is larger than the other, so the plug will go on one way. And there you go, as you can see, if we pull on it, it won't come unplugged.