Video transcription

Hi, welcome to Expert Village, I'm Gretchen Soares with Butterfly Boutique. We're are now ready to sew the top of our curtain and what we need to do at this point is make sure that every place that there is a tab is double enforced. So what we're going to do is we're going to start at the edge here and we're going to back stitch of course, then we're going to sew to this front edge of this tab stopping the needle in the down position. Putting the fabric up here so it stops going down and we're going to tell the sewing machine to sew backwards and we're going to go back over that tab to re-enforce it. Stop with the needle in the down position, put your machine back on forward and come forward. We're going to sew up to the next tab now. We are going to flip this over to the front side so we're sewing on the proper side and we are going to sew these tabs in the up position. So we're going to lay them up making sure their nice and firm and then we go, stopping with the needle in the down position, put the machine on reverse and go backwards. We're going to do that to each tab along the top. We are ready to install our curtain. So now that we've finished the curtain we can take down the old one, set it aside, run the bar in the tabs that we created and put the bar back in place. We now have our new tab top curtain.