Video transcription

Here we have our microwave rice steamer. You could either use it to steam rice, white rice, brown rice, or vegetable. It is marked in the inside for easy measurement. A easy basic rice recipe calls 2 for 1. 2 cups of liquid to 1 cup of rice. Brown rice or white rice, this is not made to brown rice, however this would just steam rice. You are going to want to put this lid in on top of your ingredients which are all mixed in. Attach the top on top of that and then lock your side handles. This slips straight down to the microwave and straight out. It would not absorb heat so you would be able to handle it after the microwave. For cleaning you would just remove the plastic lid and this is all microwave and dish washer safe. So it could be put right into your dish washer after it has been taken apart. This plastic lid snaps right into place and that is the main use for your microwave rice cooker.