Video transcription

Hi! I'm Chad Smith and I'm a State Certified Journeyman Wireman; that's basically an electrician. I'm here today and we are hanging a ceiling fan in this house today. Now the next step would be to actually disassemble the old ceiling fan. Now you can see that this ceiling fan is junk. It doesn't even have blades on them. It doesn't work anymore. Some of the steps that you will need to take just because this can be heavy at some times, sometimes these ceiling fans are heavy. You want to take them off in sections. The first step in doing this is actually remove the globe so let's just start by taking the globes off first. Now you want to be careful with these because they are very fragile and they will break on you and cut you pretty badly. So just be careful. There is normally 3 screws on these. Just take those 3 screws out and the globe will actually just come right off. Be careful with these because they are extremely fragile and they will break and cut you badly. So just be real careful with these as you take these off. As you can see this is a really easy process; they just come right off. Okay we safely put the globes away so we don't break those and the next step would be to remove this lighting kit. Now you will notice on this lining kit there is 2 sections here; there's a bottom section and a top section. Make sure you take the top section off because the bottom section, nothing comes out. So this is a really easy step.