Video transcription

Here we have a Boston Fern. There are several different kinds of ferns. We have Boston and Kimberly which we know mostly what to do with them. A Sun Fern of course takes full sun which is a Kimberly Fern. A Boston Fern is shade. When you want your fern to look greener and fuller you can mix two tablespoons of Epsom Salt to one gallon of water, shake it and put it into your plant twice a month and that will make your plant get a lot greener and the stems will be much stronger from the salt that is in the Epsom Salt. You can also have hanging baskets with the Kimberly Ferns and also the Boston Ferns. Basically you can hang them around your porches for decorations. Ferns are very simple to look after. They take very low maintenance. Make for sure that you check for water every day. There are a lot of days you will not have to water these. The Kimberlys you will have to water every day but the Bostons you will not have to water every day.