Video transcription

In this next clip, we are going to demonstrate how to cut crown molding on a wall that takes a 45 degree turn. What we want to do is take the two pieces of crown and we will need to cut them both at a 22.5 degree angle. Like I said in the clip earlier, if you want to lay it flat there is charts on the Internet that gives you all the angles that you need for cutting any angle and there is calculators; just go on in search engine and you will find the chart; you might type in crown molding angle chart, you know it'll pop right up. For this demonstration we are just going to cut it with the crown at a 45 degree angle, when you cut it like this you got to put the crown upside down in order to get the proper angle. And you want to make sure that at the bottom, this piece and this piece are flat, this piece is flat against the table and this piece is flat against the fence. We have got a 22.5 and make sure and put plenty of pressure on it and keep your hands out of the way. There is our first piece with a 22.5 in the opposite direction. There is our second piece and there you have it, you have an inside corner on a 22.5 degree angle.