Video transcription

Now that we have talked about the things that you can expect before you get a massage these are different kinds of massages you can receive, the first one being the Swedish massage. Now this is the most common massage that most people will receive. It is a very relaxing massage; if you just want to get some stress relief, if you just want to unwind and that is what you are looking for, then this is the kind of massage that you would request. It is mostly long gliding movements. There is nothing too fast. It is purely just relaxation. The massage therapist can add on some deep tissue or some trigger point therapy, which we will talk about later, but this is the time for you to just relax. Just long movements and just relaxation. Once the massage therapist finishes the back you can go further onto the gluteal muscles, the leg muscles or muscles and then you can be flipped over to your front and the massage therapist will work on your front and your legs as well. Some massage therapists will start you on your front and some massage therapists will start you on your back. Swedish massage is just for relaxation.