Video transcription

My now is Melisa Brown and we are continuing the back. If I like to do something a little bit more precise I am using just the palm, the bottom of the palm and I am going just on the side just at the edge of the spine and I am pressing down and moving forward and then pressing down and moving forward. I want to do this on both sides. And of course I am finishing it off with a round and I can go up the spine, never pressing on the bone just going right at the edge of the spine and then I can finish it up on the neck. If you go back to the exercises that we were doing on the neck I can do the same thing but on this side when they are face down never forgetting the shoulders and coming back up again keeping the whole hand on the back never using more the fingers or the palm more than the other. I’m moving around and I am going to be giving equal attention to both sides of the back. The slower you go the more relaxing it is going to be. If you want to do something like sports massage and that is when it is a little more hurried but we like to go a little bit slower because that is what makes it a relaxation massage. It looks wonderful and it feels wonderful. I would like to say on behalf of Expert this is Melisa Brown. We will see you the next time.