Video transcription

today we're going to be learning some basic signs, words, phrases in sign language. In this clip, we're going to learn the words eat, water, milk, banana, and cookie. Let's start off with eat. Eat. Like you're putting something in your mouth. Eat. Same as drink like you're drinking something. Eat. Drink. Eat. Drink. Let's add in water. Again, very important to know your alphabet. Take the W. This is how you form W. It looks like a W, your 3 fingers. You want to tap your chin. Water. Water. Water. Milk. It's going to be like squeezing the utters of a cow. You want to start off with a C and go into an S. Milk. Milk. Milk. Milk. Banana. Take your left hand and pretend that is banana. What are you going to do? You're going to peel the banana. Banana. We'll add in apple in here as well. Apple. Apple. Apple is to signify. Your cheek is actually the apple and your hand is the stem, so it's almost like doing an A towards your cheek. Apple. Apple. Finally, cookie. Take the C once again and take your hand flat on your left hand and make it form a circle of a cookie. Cookie, for the shape of a cookie. Cookie.