Video transcription

Ok, we're going to clean out a space in the palette and this area here has my primary colors. Red, blue, and yellow. Right there. So, this is a special place because you use primary colors quite a bit. So, I use them and I'm able to work it so they're all in one space and then I don't have to go to the different parts of the palette to pick them up. We're going to leave that alone for right now and we're going to start work on the golden part of the field. So, that's going to be yellow and we're going to put in some yellow ochre. So, we're going to put in this yellow and yellow ochre together. You may want to put in a touch of red too. This will keep us from going to yellow too much. And golden, it makes it more golden looking. Ok, that's the beginning there. So, we're going to lay this in really quickly. Make sure we got all the edges taken off. And leave some white space but sort of make it sort of mottled so it's non-descriptive where it's going to be, exactly.