Video transcription

Hi! This is Brenda and today we are working on our acrylic paint project. For this project today I have chosen a candle, and we need our acrylic paints, brushes, a little tray to hold our paint and we are ready to begin. Now for this candle, I am going to first wipe it down with a clear, I am sorry, with a clean cloth like this to get it rid of the residue oil that’s on it. So once I feel like it is ready, I am ready to begin to paint. Now I think I will choose for this, may be some green paint and make a tree on it. It is really easy to draw on candles as you can tell, it goes on very easily like this and if you ever feel like you have made a goof, you can get some rubbing alcohol and just go over it and it will take away what you have painted. Now you can also buy some medium at a craft store, it is a painting medium that goes on for candle painting and that helps it to go on even better and to stay on longer. So here is one that I have already done earlier that is dry, a little snowman on a blue candle and these are great gifts to give and they are just real whimsical on little items to look at.