Video transcription

I'm Laura Banford and I'm going to show you how to make super lasagna and Caesar salad. Now we're going to assemble our lasagna. I think this part is fun. That's just the way I have fun anyway. With your lasagna casserole, you always start with sauce. This is a layering process. We're going to layer it and repeat the layers. Start with sauce so that your noodles don't stick to the bottom of the pan. This is a nice meaty thick sauce, as you can see. We'll put our sauce in the bottom. Make sure it's coated. You've got plenty of sauce here. Then the noodles. Again, these are no-boil noodles, so they go right in the casserole. How easy is that? They fit perfectly. Now that we have the noodles in there, we're going to add more sauce. It's basically noodles, sauce, cheese, and then repeat. Here's a little more sauce. I'm going to cover the noodles so that they don't dry out. They have to cook in the sauce. They're not cooked, so they cook in the casserole itself. You need extra sauce for this one. Now we have our noodles, sauce. Now we're going to put our ricotta mixture on. I just kind of like to dollop it so that every serving will have some delicious ricotta. Now we're going to add our mozzarella on top of that. Kind of disperse the mozzarella so that every serving gets some. Now we put the noodles back on again. Same situation. Actually, this time I'm going to add a little Alfredo sauce. That's a nice change. I like red sauce, but I don't like red sauce exclusively. This mixes it up a little. This is kind of an extremely low calorie Alfredo sauce as far as cream sauces go. You're adding a little fat, but not as much as you might think. And the ricotta. Then we're going to add some more mozzarella. I'm going to give it one more pass. This is kind of a deep lasagna pan. You could stop there, but I like to give it one more pass. Noodles. Press it down a little bit. And the sauce. When we come back, we're going to finish our assembly and pop this into the oven.