Video transcription

Okay, so we are going to learn how to make a Matcha Latte right now. That is basically a green tea latte that is made with powdered green teat that has already been sweetened. So you are going to start with putting the powdered green tea in to the cup. I am going to put about 3 tablespoons worth in to a small cup. Then the next step is to dissolve with a little bit of water. So basically what we are doing, we are actually treating this almost like as at an espresso shot because we are going to be pouring steamed milk in to here. So make sure it is well dissolved. I am going to take my milk and pour into the pitcher. Make sure you only put enough milk for what you are going to use. It is really important to actually steam the milk like you are doing a latte. You want it to be really liquidity, don't want to have it foam up too much. When it gets to the point that it is unbearable to hold with one hand under the pitcher, that is when its reached its optimal temperature. Make sure your steamer is clean. Then I like to just stir it a little bit more. Then we pour slowly into the middle. It is a little bit harder to make art in the Matcha green tea latte then with a regular latter but you can defiantly achieve so. There you go. And that?s a Matcha green tea latte.