Video transcription

In this step we're going to talk about the proper torquing procedure while installing your transmission pan. I still have all my bolts in it from the gluing process. I just want to over with you the reasoning and procedure when you tighten this pan down. Pretty much what you're going to do is start either on this side or this side, once you have all the bolts started. We're going to start with this bolt here, it's close to center. From here we're going to move across to this bolt, from here we're going to move across to this bolt, and from there to this bolt. That's going to seat the center of our transmission pan. From there we're going to go diagonally across to this bolt, from there to this bolt, from there to this bolt, from there to this bolt, and continue working around in the circular pattern, that you see I'm indicating for you. From here, down here, over here, then over here, here, and finally over here. Now what that does is this pan is made as flat as possible with the modern technologies that we have, however it's not entirely flat. It's going to have some variations in the surface. What that does is it's going to seat the top of it flat, and then roll out any imperfections that's in the stamping or the casting of your pan. You're kind of going to be like taking a blob of pizza dough, throwing it down, and then rolling it out like this. What that's going to ensure is that it seals flat and true to the mating surface all the way out. I'm going to go ahead and pull my bolts out now that my gaskets glued down, I'm going to hop on my creeper, roll underneath the vehicle, and start all my bolts. Alright, I have all my bolts started on my transmission oil pan, I'm going to begin with the torquing procedure on this bolt here, I'm going to run it down until it makes contact, and give it just about a quarter turn. There you go, from there I'm going to jump to one directly across from it and torque that down to seat the center of my trans pan. Depending on the specific gasket material that you have, the torque specification is going to vary pretty widely, between 80 and 120 inch pounds. Refer to the directions inside your filter box for the proper torque method. As you can see some of these bolts can be extremely difficult to get on, but I do like to do the hard ones first. There we go, and for the last one on my center, alright. Once you have the center four bolts seated you're going to continue working around in that cross ways, diagonal pattern that I showed you earlier in the step.