Video transcription

When using a fly rod you want, first there's the grip, a soft grip, thumb on top. It's like driving a nail into a wall with a hammer, out in front of you. You want to strip off some line so by wiggling the rod tip you can pull it off the reel, wiggle it off, it's called a roll cast. You see how I just brought the rod back very gently and just flipped it out. A small D loop forms in order to go forward. Once you strip off a little bit of line to cast you start, the line is downstream are tight in the water, you point your rod tip towards the line, slightly down, bring the line up and cast it out. So it's, fly fishing casting is actually pretty easy, just take the time. Bring the line up and out. It's a compact motion. I'm also standing a quarter down the stream so you don't want to be casting across your body. So you turn your hips. I'm casting with my elbow on a table out in front of me right here so once you start your cast imagine your elbow being on a table, it stays there, keeps the rod in the same plain. Fly casting is for everyone it is very easy. So a little bit more line off. The rod does all the work. You can see how gentle I am in making the cast. The rod does the work, very little motion, all the new rods today they require a snap stop at the end. No snap starting, it's a smooth slow acceleration, an acceleration to an abrupt stop and then follow the line down. That's the basics on how to get the line on to the water and make your first cast. Again lift the line out, forward, out, forward. I'm lined up. You can see my elbow again, it's to the side, very important, out, forward, cast over your line, take your time and the rod will do the work for you.