Video transcription

I'm William Perkinson and I'm here to show you how to manually light a gas fireplace. This is our fireplace, it is a little bit of the old fashion kind. Meaning that we have to put matches in it to light it. And also some of them will have an igniter like on your gas grill where you click the button several times, it makes some loud clicks and a spark and it will light. But this one is the old fashion kind you have to do the whole thing manually. It's a lot more fun I'll say. First thing you want to do is make sure the damper is open. These are not vent free logs they are, they have to be vented or they'll fill your house up with carbon monoxide and that would be no fun at all. Once I've open the damper I want to make sure I have my gas key, I'm going to place it over to where the gas turns on and off, get that ready. Now what you never want to do is turn the gas on ahead of time and throw matches into the fire place. It's very exciting but it's also very dangerous. So what I'm going to do is light this match and place it as deep into the fireplace, get a couple of matches, as I can. When I know the gas is going to move over the lighter, alright it's burning. And I want to turn the gas on slowly cause again I don't want any surprises, don't want any loud noises. I'm William Perkinson and that's how to light, manually light a gas log fireplace.