Video transcription

Hi I am Ken Fargason with Nashville Fireplace and Grills out of Nashville, Tennessee. We are going to talk about how to put out a fire in a wood-burning fireplace should you ever have to. The easy and quickest way to do that is to smother the fire with a material like flour. Never try to pour water on it or smother it with any type of flammable material like a blanket, a towel or anything like that. Flour is a readily available material in most homes. Just take the container and dump it onto the fire, and it will smother the fire. One of the things you don't every want to do if you have got a fire in the fireplace, and you are trying to put it out is to pour water on it. You want to smother the fire, because what you are going to do if you pour water on it you are going to create a lot of steam, you are going to get a lot of explosion from the wood, and you could actually cause a bigger problem than what you are trying to put out. If you have got a gas fireplace going, and you want to extinguish that fire the best way to do is basically just to turn the gas off. Don't try to put any chemicals on it, don't try to flour on it, water on it, just turn the gas off. And these are some of the safest ways to put out a fire whether it be wood burning or gas.