20 Alternative uses of coffee that will blow your mind

Are you a coffee lover? If not, you will be after reading this. And if you already are, you'll completely adore it. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, having probiotic effects and being generally beneficial to your health, this brew can be used to solve many household problems. Coffee has a wide range of uses, and you'll never want to run out of those magic beans after reading this!

Fill in those gaps

Mix two or three teaspoons of coffee with a little water until you get a thick paste. If the wood is reddish, you can include a few drops of iodine to tone the mix. Spread a bit of it on the hole you want to fill up and remove the excess with a damp cloth. Once dry, apply a layer of wax on the wood. It will look like new!

Remove scratches from furniture

Did your kids scratch your tabletop? Did your dog claw at its legs? Coffee powder can fix those marks! Make a brew stronger than you'd dare drink and paint the scratches with it. Your furniture will look as good as new!

Get rid of the smell on your hands

Chopped some onions and can't get the smell off of your hands? Try rubbing them together with a spoonful of ground coffee. It will act as a natural deodoriser.

Scented wardrobe sachets

Take a rough cotton cloth and place some coffee beans in the middle. Grab the edges of the cloth and tie them together to form a bag. Tie the top with a ribbon. Hang it in your wardrobe, coffee beans will eliminate any foul smells.

Clean your drain

The smell coming up from clogged drains can turn a nicely scented home into a landfill in minutes. To get rid of the clogging, bring around a litre of water to a boil and then pour half a cup of used coffee grounds into the boiling water. Let it steep for a few minutes and then pour it down the drain.

Forget about scrubbing

Throw away your cleaning products: they are bad for your hands, skin and health. Coffee is the perfect alternative, it's a high quality abrasive cleaner and completely natural. You can use it not only for your dishes and pots, but also for your kitchen counter. But be warned: since coffee is brown, it might stain light surfaces.

Deodorise your refrigerator and icebox

Does your refrigerator or icebox smell funny? A simple solution for that would be putting a cup with used coffee grounds in it. To heighten the effect, add a couple of drops vanilla extract and it'll smell better than ever.

Give your dog a scrub

When you're done bathing your dog, scrub its fur with a spoonful of fresh ground coffee. Caffeine is a flea, ant and mosquito repellent. Your dog will be thankful!

Improve your harvest

To improve your tuber harvest, such as radish or carrots, put some ground coffee next to the seeds when planting them. You can use this method for plants in general. Coffee is a natural fertiliser and can improve your plants' growth a lot. In addition to being a bug repellent, it can provide your soil with key nutrients.

Improve plants growing in acidic soils

Use ground coffee to add nutrients to acidic soils. Plants grown in such mediums usually have low levels of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium, and therefore need fertilisers that provide such nutrients. Coffee releases them more slowly than artificial fertilizers, making it the perfect supplement for your crop.

Speed up your compost

Do your plants need fertilising? Mix coffee into their soil to increase the amount of bacteria and accelerate the composting process. The same applies if you have a compost pile to eliminate organic waste.

Grow your own mushrooms

Spanish biologist IƱaki Mielgo Luque devised a system to grow mushrooms in used coffee. Coffee contains cellulose, lignin, nitrogen and sugars that never get to the cup you drink every morning and remain in the used grounds. Thus, you can reuse something that would otherwise have been rubbish. Great, don't you think?

Dye paper, fabric or hair naturally

Coffee is packed with natural pigments that can be used to dye paper, cloth, and even hair! Heat up some old coffee and soak what you want to dye in it for half an hour to get a rich dark brown colour.

Nurture your hair

If you want to get your hair shinier and softer, make one or two cups of strong coffee and let cool. After washing your hair, apply it as if it were a treatment cream and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse and use your usual conditioner. If you want to keep it shiny and soft, repeat this procedure once a week.

Get a perfect skin

Ground coffee is perfect for exfoliation. If your skin is dry, mix a spoonful of fresh ground coffee with around 5 ml (1/2 tablespoon) olive oil. If, on the contrary, you have oily skin, mix the coffee with liquid soap. Apply it on your face with a light massage and then rinse with warm water.

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Give yourself a natural tan

You probably know that the sun can do long term damage to your skin, even if tanning makes it look healthier. You can use natural means to achieve a great tan anyway. Applying used coffee when you shower will give your skin a similar colour to tanning, without damaging your skin.

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Reduce cellulite

Stop wasting your money on creams to fight cellulite! Instead, use caffeine, a substance that enhances the metabolization of fat. Mix used coffee grounds with coconut oil and rub it on your skin in circular motions to reduce the marks.

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Keep salt or sugar for longer

Sugar and salt tend to clump together when left too long in a closed container. This is due to excessive humidity, which can be resolved by placing fresh coffee beans in the container, along with the sugar or salt.

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Clean your fireplace

Ashes are your worst enemy when it comes to keeping your house clean. That's why you should count coffee as your ally when cleaning up your fireplace. Simply spread the moist used coffee grounds on the ashes. This will keep the ashes and dust from spreading all over your home.

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Spice up your meals

Turn your cooking into high class cuisine! Supplementing your broth with a cup of black coffee can have astounding results. Pork and lamb cuts will get an amazing colouration, and all types of meat will acquire a delicate taste few will ever be able to identify. You can also use this trick when baking.

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