8 Great make-up tips for green eyes

Green eyes are beautiful on their own — just look at celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Angelina Jolie for proof — but if you really want to make everyone green with envy, there are a few essential make-up basics you need to know. From what colours to rock and which to avoid, along with the perfect looks for both night and day, these make-up basics will have every green-eyed goddess looking her best.

Complementary colours

Gold and brown eyeshadows bring out the colour of green eyes most effectively, says beauty expert Ashley Riddle. To finish any eye look, a coat of simple black mascara — like the look actress Amanda Seyfried sports here at a fashion show in Paris — lets green eyes shine.

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A face to match

Moving on to the rest of the face, Riddle advises ladies with green eyes to stick with a light pink blush and brown or nude lipsticks, like the shade actress Olivia Wilde is wearing here at a Hollywood movie première. “Using these in combination will allow green eyes to pop and stand out,” Riddle says.

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Setting the tone

To look your best, it's crucial to play off of your hair colour and skin tone. Fair skin and light hair looks great with tan, taupe and even light purple eyeshadows. For ladies with light to medium skin and red hair — like actress Julianne Moore, seen here at the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards — neutral browns, coppers and even burnt orange can look great. And for women with dark hair, medium browns and any shade of purple play up your green eyes.

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Green-on-green action

Think you can't wear green shadows with your stunning green eyes? Think again! To sport a shade that's in the same colour family, go for a shimmery option in an olive or sage, for example — like the one US actress AnnaLynne McCord shows off here at an event — to make sure eyes stand out in the sea of green.

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Not-so-nice shades

Though it can be fun and youthful, Riddle says the combination of green eyes and blue eye make-up — including eyeshadows, liners and even mascaras — is best to avoid. In some cases, depending on the shade, she says blues can even make green eyes look tired, like actress Kristen Stewart's, shown here at a recent Chanel fashion shoot.

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Bright eyeshadow is typically a big no-no in the workplace. Fortunately, the shades of brown, taupe or green that look great with green eyes are definitely office-friendly. To keep make-up beautiful but pared down for the office, Riddle suggests sweeping a gold or brown-toned shadow across the entire lid, and pairing the look with a swipe of brown eyeliner along the top lash line, just like actress Scarlett Johansson does here at a movie premiere in Hollywood.

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Lazy-day look

When running errands on Saturday or lounging on your lazy Sunday, stay simple yet put-together with a nude or clear lip gloss — like actress and singer Hilary Duff is wearing here at a fundraiser in Beverly Hills. To add a bit of colour, pair it with a hint of peach or light pink blush on the cheeks, Riddle says.

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Evening eyes

Channel your inner vixen for a night out on the town, all while making your gorgeous green eyes stand out with more dramatic lids, like the look actress Angelina Jolie is rocking here at the 2012 Academy Awards. Stick with golds and browns — just in a richer pigment — and blend in a dark grey or black shadow in the crease, Riddle suggests. Next, add black or brown liner to both lash lines, a few coats of pure black mascara, and a dark peach or pink gloss to play up your pout.

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