You know you're from Birmingham when...

A bronze bull, Black Sabbath and the term Brummie are all significant parts of your life, but don't mention the Black Country, it's not Birmingham. Everyone knows that, don't they?

Birmingham’s iconic bronze bull statue outside the Bullring was unveiled in 2003 and quickly became a hit with the fun-loving people of Birmingham. Everyone from pre-school kids to teenagers, tipsy students and the more mature members of the community has had their photo taken with the bull. Facebook is full of the evidence.

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Sorry to disappoint, but the Floozie in the Jacuzzi isn’t naughty at all. It’s The River statue in Victoria Square and the lady in question is a giant sculpture lounging within the fountain, nicknamed by locals due to her lack of suitable clothing.

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You are hugely offended if someone calls you a Yam Yam

Outsiders think Birmingham and the Black Country are the same place. Brummies (from Birmingham) and Yam Yams (from the Black Country) are totally different and anyone from either area will give you a hundred reasons why you should never confuse the two.

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Black Sabbath and UB40 are your favourite bands

Surely reggae funksters UB40 shouldn’t share a CD shelf with Ozzy Osbourne and his metal crew. However, if you’re from Birmingham, this is absolutely okay and liking both local bands was particularly popular during the 1980s.

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You refer to Birmingham as a town

Birmingham is the second largest city in England, but everyone calls it a town. Phrases such as, “going into town” or “getting the bus into town” are commonplace and you’re highly unlikely to ever hear a local say they’re “going shopping in the city centre.”

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If the locals are to be believed, Birmingham has the best Indian restaurants and takeaways outside of India and you’d be pretty hard pushed to find one that isn’t at least half decent. Most of them have outstanding reputations for delicious Indian food so narrowing it down to just one is almost impossible.

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