The Best Running Shoes for a Heavy Runner

Updated April 17, 2017

What to Look For

Heavy runners carry a few more kilograms than average, so the average running shoe isn't the best choice. Most running shoes are designed to be lightweight at the expense of things such as cushioning and support. This is a not good for a heavy runner because you need shoes that offer extra stability and support. A heavy runner needs to look for shoes that have strong and sturdy outsoles and good heel support that can stand up to the extra weight. The shoe should also have motion-control technology because heavier runners tend to have flat arches and need this to control excessive foot an ankle motion as they run.

Common Pitfalls

Many elite and professional runners wear shoes called racing flats. These shoes are sleek and lightweight, and heavier runners may be tempted to purchase them in hopes of increased performance. However, these shoes do not offer the support, cushioning and overall sturdiness that heavier runners need. Also, the best shoes for a heavier runner may not necessarily be the prettiest, so as a heavy runner you must realize that a shoe designed with your body type in mind is more important than overall aesthetics.

Where to Buy

The best shoes for heavy runners can be found at specialty running stores. Running stores cater specifically to road and trail runners and will have a wide range of shoes for heavier runners that showcase the best shoe design technology currently available. The staff at these stores should be experienced in finding the best shoes for heavy runners and will show you a range of motion-control and stability shoes suited to your needs.


Shoes for heavy runners may be more expensive than average. This is because motion-control and other shoes designed for heavy runners use more and stronger materials than other running shoes. Expect to pay about £65 for a pair of quality running shoes. This price may be higher or lower, depending on the shoe that you choose and other factors such as sales, rebates and discounts. Do not let the cost of the shoe be a deterrent. A heavy runner has specialised needs, and purchasing the best shoe for the weight and foot type is essential to avoid injuries.

Insider Tips

Running puts a lot of stress on the padding and arch support areas of the shoe, even more so for a heavy runner. If you are a frequent runner--once per day or more--it may be wise to purchase two pairs of shoes. This will allow the insole cushioning in one pair to recover while the other is in use.

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