Bicycle Repair Bench Ideas

Written by frank whittemore
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Bicycle Repair Bench Ideas
A well-organised and properly outfitted work bench can help make bike repairs. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

For repairing or servicing bicycles, it's convenient to have a way to hold the bike in any position and to have specialised tools near at hand. A properly outfitted bicycle bench provides a well-organised, safe and ready workstation for bicycle work.


Select a sturdy bench with a heavy steel frame capable of holding a significant weight. Drawers and shelving under the bench top provide ample space for and easy access to tools and parts. Select a durable surface material: If using wood, cover a section with sheet steel to provide a solid and oil-resistant place to work on parts.


The bench seat should be sturdy and stable, comfortable and tall enough to work on easily. A steel stool with a padded seat makes a good choice.


Bicycle repair often requires many specialised tools. Install a pegboard behind the workbench to organise and store tools and keep them handy. Hang tools from hooks designed to hold each tool securely. Place the most frequently used tools directly in front of your customary work position. Outline each tool with pen as a quick reference for repositioning them.

Bicycle Stand

Several companies produce quality bicycle stands for bench mounting. The stand is a modified vice that can grip and hold a bike frame at different angles without marring the surface of the frame. The stand mounts directly to the surface of the bench. A release on the stand allows you to position the bike for easier access and control of repairs.

Compressor Line

A permanent line that leads from a stand compressor is a convenient way to have compressed air available for tasks such as inflating tires or blowing out dirt from parts. If a stand compressor is out of your budget, consider a small pancake compressor that can fit under the bench.

Truing Jig

A truing jig installed on one end of the bicycle repair bench provides a precise station for making adjustments to the axle, spokes and rim of bikes. The wheel fits into the jig and spins freely. Special calipers on the jig provide a visual measure of how true the wheel is, allowing you to make the proper adjustments.

Small Parts Bin

Bicycles have many small parts. A set of storage bins at the back or side of the work bench can help keep frequently used bike parts, including washers, nuts, bolts and cable parts available and organised. This is also a good place to temporarily store small parts while working on a bicycle to keep them from getting lost.

Other Tools

Additional tools can also be helpful: A bench grinder, drill press, bearing press and belt sander are useful tools for bicycle repair. A small anvil and large bench vice are also handy when working on bikes.


A bicycle workbench also requires good lighting. Inexpensive fluorescent shop lighting is available at most home improvement stores and is relatively simple to install. This type of lighting provides ample illumination of your entire work bench.

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