Birthday Gifts for a Personal Trainer

Written by kelly mendoza | 13/05/2017
Birthday Gifts for a Personal Trainer
There are many birthday gift ideas for your personal trainer. (exercise image by Inger Anne Hulbækdal from

Your personal trainer whips you into shape, keeps you motivated and helps get you healthy. If you are trying to find the best birthday gift for her, think about what is really useful. Let your trainer know how much you care by choosing a thoughtful gift. Think back to a conversation and figure out if there's a special hobby your trainer enjoys and get a gift that's associated with it. If you can't think of anything personal, there are many birthday gifts that anybody will like, regardless of hobbies.


Chances are, a personal trainer uses music as part of the job every day. Not only does it motivate the client, it keeps things from getting boring. A trainer will enjoy adding new music to his playlist. He will be able to enjoy it for himself and share it with clients. A music gift card or a gift token for a music store will enable him to choose his own music instead of guessing or buying the wrong music.


Your personal trainer will appreciate workout clothes since she is constantly wearing them. They are part of her "uniform" and if they are not being worn, they are being washed. Constant washing wears out the fibres and makes clothes fade faster. Your personal trainer will surely will be grateful for getting new clothes to replace the old ones for a birthday gift. If your trainer has a funny bone, you can find workout clothes with funny sayings on them.


Your trainer will appreciate and enjoy a gift card to a restaurant on any given day, but it will especially come in handy after a busy day training people. Most trainers opt to eat a healthy diet so keep that in mind when choosing a gift card to a dining venue. Choose a restaurant that offers salads as well as other healthy options.


There are a multitude of gadgets you can buy for a personal trainer's birthday. A personal trainer GPS receiver to be worn on the wrist will keep your trainer on task and keep him motivated by monitoring heart rate as well as the entire workout. You can also buy your trainer a calorie-counting skipping rope as a fun and useful gift.

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