Gifts for a 50-Year-Old Woman

Updated April 17, 2017

By the time she reaches 50 years old, a woman has established herself professionally and personally. It's an age where women can look back and marvel at their accomplishments and life experiences. However, life does not have to slow down for a women at 50. The gifts you give her at this age should allow for reflection, but also remind her that she has many years ahead for enjoying life.

Photo Album

If the 50-year-old birthday girl has a family, then she's shared years of memories with them. Help her relive those cherished moments in her life by giving her a family photo album. Inside the photo album, include baby pictures of her children and any grandchildren, her children's or grandchildren's birthday parties, high-school and college graduations, holiday celebrations and other important events throughout her life. Go the extra mile and have the front of the photo album personalised with an inscription of the birthday girl's name and initials.


On her 50th birthday, give the gift of education. Pay her tuition for a continuing education course at a local community college or college. Classes in a variety of subjects, including business administration, foreign languages, cooking and arts and crafts, are offered through continuing education departments. For the 50-year- old woman who wants to change careers, she can take advantage of continuing education job certification programs. A 50-year-old who has an empty nest at home can also take advantage of continuing education courses, as it can allow her to take up new hobbies and learn new subjects during her new-found free time.


Since 50th anniversaries are considered golden, make her 50th birthday just the same with gifts that are made out of gold or are gold plated. You can shower her with gold or gold-plated jewellery, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and other pieces. Other gold or gold-plated gift ideas that you can give her at 50 include watches, picture frames commemorative plates and vases.

Family Dinner

Organise a family dinner. The dinner can take place at her favourite restaurant or at her home. However, if the dinner is held at her home, have it catered or prepared by a family member or friend. The celebration is for her, and she shouldn't be cooking. Invite her friends, family members and any children that she might have who live far away. The dinner is more than about eating, it's an opportunity to get everyone together at one time.

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