The best liquid egg whites

Updated April 17, 2017

Eggs whites are separated from the yoke because they are lower in cholesterol and maximise protein intake. Liquid egg whites are used as dietary supplements for bodybuilders and to support low-cholesterol diets in patients with high blood pressure. They can be used by any consumer looking to get more protein into her diet.


Eggology is a USDA-approved organic product that uses cage-free chickens to produce their eggs. Eggology is available to order online by the crate. Cost runs anywhere from £55 to £71 for crates holding multiple tubs of egg whites. The bulk orders are intended to accommodate gyms and small health food stores. Check a local health food store for Eggology products. The company offers Eggology on-the-go by the crate. These individually packaged servings are cooked in the microwave or consumed directly from the package; a good way to sample egg whites before purchasing large amounts.

Horizon Organic Liquid Eggs

Horizon Organic Liquid Eggs are USDA-certified organic. Horizon products are manufactured for use in the home, so the sizes are more manageable for individual use. Horizon products may require a consumer to make a special trip to an organic grocer. The company's website offers a store-locator search tool. The locator allows a consumer to search by product with her postcode.

Lana's Egg Whites

Lana's Egg Whites is owned and operated by Lana Battagello, a certified personal trainer. Lana's Egg Whites' marketing targets the bodybuilder as a protein supplement. The cost is high for family use on a day to day basis, with each 8 1/2-pound bin of eggs cashing in at just under £29. The protein garnered with everyday consumption of the egg whites is intended to build muscle mass, making it an advantageous choice for athletes.

Egg White International

Egg Whites International is another manufacturer producing liquid egg whites as supplements for bodybuilding. The whites are stored in a large, plastic tub that accommodates a pump for quick egg white application. The whites are added to shakes, or on top of food, but can also be consumed in its raw state. Egg White International claims their liquid egg whites are completely free from additives and preservatives, but the products are not certified organic. The whites must be ordered online or purchased at a speciality supplement shop.


Eggbeaters egg whites are available at local grocery stores. Eggbeaters egg whites are sold in 454gr and 907gr resealable cartons. Eggbeaters claims to contain 100 per cent egg white, with no additives. The product is USDA approved and pasteurised, but not certified organic. The company website offers recipe recommendations; however it does not publish a recommendation to drink the whites raw.

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