Ways to Wear a Head Scarf

Written by jen oda
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Ways to Wear a Head Scarf
Though they are worn as a fashion choice, headscarves originated from a place of deep symbolism and tradition. (beautiful girl on the white steps image by Vladimir Melnik from Fotolia.com)

A headscarf is a malleable accessory for any woman's hair. It adds colourful elegance and can symbolise deep faith and religious beliefs as well as style. Headscarves are used to keep warm, hide baldness or simply to fashionably wear your hair up. Choose the size of your headscarf depending on the style for which you plan to wear it.

Hollywood Style

The Hollywood style of wearing a headscarf was made famous by Hollywood actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. These actresses would wrap the scarf around their faces covering their hair, but leaving the face and fringe exposed. They would often wear sunglasses to complement the headscarf for the Hollywood actress look.

Like a Hairband

A headscarf can be worn as a hairband. This is a simple way to use a headscarf to keep hair out of the face. It is done by folding the headscarf into a long strip or into a triangle. The scarf is then wrapped around the top of the head and tied underneath the hair at the nape of the neck.

Pirate Style

The pirate style of wearing a headscarf originated from the way pirates wore bandannas around their heads. This style is worn by both men and women. The headscarf is folded into a triangle and wrapped to cover the top of the head beginning at the forehead and tied around the back of the head on top of the hair.


The Hijab is the traditional style in which Musilim women cover their hair. The Hijab symbolises a woman's modesty and privacy. The Hijab is wrapped in a special way that covers the woman's hair, ears and neck. The scarf can be wrapped to leave the face is exposed or, if she chooses, it can cover her face leaving only her eyes visible.


The Tichel is worn by a married Jewish woman to symbolise her devotion to her husband. It covers her hair entirely and is wrapped in a round knot at the nape of her neck that looks like a bun. The Tichel, like the Hijab, symbolises a woman's modesty. A Jewish woman wears it to cover her hair, which symbolises beauty and sensuality, and is shared only with her husband.

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