What to Wear to Stop Rubbing Thighs

Updated April 17, 2017

Anyone can chafe between their thighs if the conditions are right. Being overweight isn't the only reason for irritation from the constant rubbing of skin to skin. People with jobs that put them in the position of going from wet to dry conditions, such as mail carriers or school lollipop men, can face that uncomfortable situation. Creams and ointments are messy and costly, so that's no cure or prevention for thighs that rub together...but there solutions that result in serious relief.


Athletes choose silky snug undergarments to prevent chafing when they sweat during sports. The fabric wicks away moisture and the smooth texture aids with any friction issues. Bikers use a similar solution, biker shorts, to keep their thighs from rubbing together while they ride. To take advantage of this preventive solution, look for a body hugging fabric that covers your thighs close to the knee. Try Spanx under clothes and receive the extra benefit of a tighter tummy and hips. Wear the garment under jeans, dresses or work uniforms to get the full benefit.

Roll-on Skin Shields

Try Secret Shield from for relief of chafed skin or to prevent irritation between the thighs. Secret Shield has a vegetable base and can block friction created by skin-to-skin contact. Another product used for athletics and work is Body Glide, available at When either of these products is applied, in a manner similar how you put on underarm deodorant, the area stays dry. You have a protective coating that will ease between-thigh rubbing.

Soft Comfortable Clothing

Jeans are the worst if they get wet as you walk. The fabric becomes sandpaper to sensitive skin between the thighs. Wool and rough fabric clothing should also be avoided when suffering from chafed skin. Choose cotton that breathes or a jersey knit that will allow the thighs to skim past one another without much friction. Change clothing if you notice any perspiration between your thighs. Moist, damp clothing can set anyone up for irritated skin. During the cold months, try long cotton underwear to relieve symptoms. In the summer, try cotton underwear that covers the thighs.

Curvy Women Solutions

If having a curvaceous full-figure makes your thighs continually rub together, get help fast at The microfiber underwear that goes to mid-thigh will wick away moisture and the silky fabric will stop the chafing. The soft and comfortable waistband won't roll, plus the fabric tightens and slenderises the figure. The fabric won't support bacteria and the undergarment may be worn all day.

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