Freeware Motorola V220 Phone Tools

Updated February 21, 2017

The Motorola V220 is a flip phone that features a camera and a music-mixing tool, which allows you to create your own ringtones. Motorola, a company that specialises in telecommunications equipment and sells its products around the world, released this phone in 2007. Free Motorola V220 tools help you manage your device.

Phone Tools

The Motorola Mobile "Phone Tools" allows your phone to communicate with your personal computer and sync data between the two devices. You can use this tool to convert your mobile device into a wireless hot spot for your laptop. You can sync your contacts with Microsoft Outlook, and create and send short messaging service (SMS) texts and fax messages. You can make your own ringtones using different audio tracks, or create wallpapers for your device. Motorola created this tool set, and it can be downloaded from Motorola or third-party websites. It is compatible with Motorola V220 and C650 mobile devices. This program (see Resources) is free to try, and it is compatible with Windows 95, 98, Millennium (Me), 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista and 7.


This free tool (see Resources) allows you to video chat with others from your mobile device, and you can send and receive SMS and MMS texts. You can view your photos and share them with others, and download ringtones, videos, wallpaper and games directly to your phone. This service is compatible with different messaging services, including MSN, ICQ Messenger, GoogleTalk and AOL. It also allows you to send e-mails to any of your contacts.


AIM is a social networking tool that allows you to chat with your Facebook and AIM friends, and you can update your MySpace, Facebook, Lifestream and Twitter status from your phone. It is also compatible with Foursquare, allowing you to check into your favourite spot right from your phone. AIM (see Resources) also has its own location feature if you are not a member of another community. The AIM-to-SMS feature allows you to send instant messages (IMs) to your contacts if your mobile device has a SMS text feature. This tool is compatible with different phones, including Motorola, BlackBerry, Google, Apple and HTC phones.

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