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Updated April 17, 2017 is a website that originally specialised in selling books, but has branched out into DVDs, music, electronics and more. Amazon sells e-books, downloadable music and videos, apparel, health and beauty products, toys, jewellery, and office supplies. While dominates a large percentage of the online book sales market, there are many alternative web sites, whether you are searching for books or electronics.

Barnes & Noble

One of the main bookstore giants, Barnes & Noble offers traditional paper book, e-books, music, DVDs, electronics and even home decorations. Barnes & Noble also offers the Nook, a rival to Amazon's Kindle e-reader. Barnes & Noble's website uses a similar shopping trolley structure to Amazon and provides the same shipping options. Barnes & Noble also offers prepackaged boxed sets for gifts or collections.


Borders is another major retail and online bookseller, offering a wide variety of traditional paper book and downloadable e-book choices. Borders also sells DVDs and Blu-ray discs, as well as CDs and music downloads. Borders offers craft supplies such as brushes and kits for activities that include as drawing, painting, and illustration. Borders also offers hot deals and online gift cards for many products, as well as the same shipping options as Like, Borders sells previously owned books at discounted prices.

Best Buy

You may not think of Best Buy when you think of books, but the electronics powerhouse is actually a comparable alternative to Best Buy offers a virtually identical, if not broader, range of electronics, DVDs and music. Best Buy also offers traditional paper books, digital audio books and e-books, which can be ordered online and shipped anywhere, just like Amazon. To find books on Best Buy's website, enter "books" into the search bar to access Best Buy Books.


The site primarily known for auctions also has many merchants selling new products. Just about everything you can find on Amazon can also be found on eBay, from books and movies to electronics and apparel. Furniture, home decorations, gardening items, beauty products, gadgets and even cars are for sale on eBay at a range of prices, based on different merchants. One of the benefits of buying books or other items on eBay is that, like Amazon, you can find used merchandise in good condition for discounted prices.

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