What Are Good Things to Sell on eBay?

Updated April 17, 2017 is a popular shopping and auction website that allows users to both sell their unwanted items and find hidden treasures. For those looking to sell items on eBay, finding your niche can be difficult at first. However, there are some categories that historically do very well on eBay and you are likely to have the greatest success if you work with these items.

Personalised Items

If you happen to have sewing, printing, designing or jewellery-making skills, you can update items to personalise them for buyers. Stationary, business cards, home decor, clothing and toys can all be updated with a personal touch to make them more appealing. Consider affixing initials, pictures or other personal information to your goods. This will set your products apart from the crowd, making your items appear as excellent gift ideas to many potential buyers.

Vintage Goods

Hand-me-downs from grandparents, items collected at thrift stores and memorabilia from your childhood can be very successful on eBay. There is a huge market for vintage items, whether they are rare collectibles or just pieces of nostalgia. Consider stopping in at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill Store on a sale day. You can find plenty of vintage goods for just a few dollars that could turn into a sizeable profit once sold on eBay. Yard sales, garage sales and estate sales are also excellent places to find vintage and antique paraphernalia.

Bulk Products

If you have the available capital, consider purchasing items in bulk and selling them on eBay. Everyday useful products are best to buy wholesale if you plan on taking that route. Pocket knives, cell phone chargers and disposable lighters are just a few examples of things you can buy and sell in bulk for a profit. Oftentimes, flea market or small business owners are looking for large quantities of products like these. If you don't yet have the money or experience to buy products wholesale, consider buying goods in bulk from thrift stores or yard sales. You can find entire boxes of books, movies or CD's that you can then sell individually on eBay for a profit.

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