Specifications of Perkins 3.152 Engines

Updated April 17, 2017

The Perkins 3.152 engine is part of the family of ElectropaK engines that set the bar for heavy duty three-cylinder engines. ElectropaK has a reputation for its reliability and performance abilities throughout the industry. It provides the best features available for an electrical engine type. The Perkins 3.152 has a low cost of operating and maintenance.


The Perkins 3.152 three-cylinder ElectropaK engine is a vertical in-line engine with four-stroke engine cycle, the engine uses a naturally aspirated induction system and the combustion system is directly injected. The Perkins 3.152 uses a water-cooled cooling system, has 2.5 litres of displacement and has a bore stroke of 3.6 inches by 5 inches. The Perkins 3.152 engine has a compression value of 16.5--1 ratio. The engine goes in a clockwise direction of rotation for the engine.


The Perkins 3.152 engine has a total dry weight of 311kg. and a wet weight of 328kg. The ElectropaK Perkins 3.152 engine has a length of 37.01 inches, a width of 24.41 inches and a height of 33.31 inches.


The Perkins 3.152 engine features a mechanic governing system, cold start aid, fuel pre-filter, belt driven water pump, radiator, fan guards, front engine mountings, air filter and coolant temperature switch. In addition, the Perkins 3.152 has a 12v engine alternator, a 12v starter motor and a thermostat controlled cooling system.

Optional Features

The Perkins 3.152 engine also has optional features available, from a 24v alternator, 24v starter motor, water temperature gauge, starter switch, rear engine mountings, parts manual, workshop manual and a user handbook.

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