Birthday gift ideas for an 80-year-old lady

Updated April 17, 2017

If a lovely older woman in you life is turning 80, that means the search has begun for the perfect present. Older ladies have accumulated a lifetime of clutter and knick knacks, and may not want to fill their home with any more things. She is nearing the end of her life and might enjoy the gift of an experience or one that simplifies life's daily tasks.

Food Club

Even youthful people sometimes get tired of cooking. By the time she reaches 80, your favourite lady probably never wants to pick up another spatula in her life, so buy her dinner. You can find companies that deliver gourmet meals, fruits or chocolates once a month so the older lady doesn't have to run to the store. All she has to do is wash an apple, break off a piece of chocolate or heat up dinner---and remember to turn off the stove.

Photo Album

Older women like to reminisce and look at old pictures, so why not borrow the stacks of photos she has sitting around and organise them into an attractive photo album? If you enjoy scrapbooking, try decorating the albums with ribbon or patterned paper. Just be careful you don't mess up the old pictures since they probably don't have digital backups. Very old photographs could also be fragile if the paper has degraded over time.

Archived Print

Order a magazine or newspaper cover from the year she was born. Many publications, such as "The New York Times," offer this service. An 80-year-old woman could love looking at all the newsy events that occurred the year she was born and thinking about how much the world has changed.

Personalised Grandma Gear

Personalised grandma gear abound and can include T-shirts, mugs and sweatshirts. If the 80-year-old lady you're shopping for happens to be your grandmother and also happens to be proud of it, grandma gear might be the right birthday gift.


Many people think of massages for younger people, but an 80-year-old woman may love one as a birthday gift. At 80, she probably has a few health issues and may suffer from depression, especially if her husband has passed and she lives alone. Massages have many health benefits such as stabilising blood pressure, alleviating pain and helping with depression, according to the Mayo Clinic. The 80-year-old lady in your life might spend a lot of time alone and massage allows her to experience the healing and caring touch of another person.

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