Good ideas for goody bags

Written by crystal smith | 13/05/2017
Good ideas for goody bags
After the party send your guests home with memorable goody bags. (birthday party favours image by Photoeyes from

Giving out goody bags is a great way to end a party and show how much you enjoyed everyone's company. However, being creative and filling those goody bags with more than candy, without breaking your wallet, is tricky. If your party has a theme, that makes goody bags a bit easier as they can be made to match. Also, the bag itself can be part of the gift if it is unique and reusable.

Summer Fun

Good ideas for goody bags
Small beach toys can be a fun addition to your summer goody bag. (beach toy image by .shock from

For a summery theme, use a plastic beach pail as the goody bag and include other beach toys such as shovels. Travel-sized sunscreen or lip protection is useful and makes kids feel special. Packets of drink crystals for making lemonade or iced tea is a welcome treat. This theme can also include items such as small water guns, visors and skipping ropes.

Sleepover Kits

Good ideas for goody bags
A girl's sleepover night isn't complete without some nail polish for manicures. (nail polish image by Alison Bowden from

Turn your goody bags into sleepover kits for a special party, and give them out when your guests arrive so they can enjoy them all night long. Mini flashlights, glow-in-the-dark toys and nail polish will keep them busy and make unique take-home items. Don't forget some junk food for late-night munchies as well.

Sports Fans

An upside-down baseball cap can hold lots of goodies, including shoelaces, whistles and baseball cards. Key rings with sports-themed items like soccer balls are also available.

Creative Containers

An interesting idea for containing goodies is to use empty Chinese takeout boxes, with an included fortune cookie of course. A flower pot, complete with seed packets, is useful and fun. Craft stores also carry mini canvas totes that you can either decorate or give plain.

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