Christening Gifts for Older Boys

Updated November 21, 2016

When someone thinks about a child being christened, they generally think about a small baby having the religious ceremony. But older children are often christened as well. So when an older child chooses to enter a religion and become christened, select a gift that is both age-appropriate and is meaningful within the religion.


Choose a piece of jewellery for the older child whose christening you are celebrating. Choose a necklace with a cross pendant for someone being christened in the Christian faith. To make the necklace even more special, have it engraved with his name and the date of his christening.


Go with a gift that can serve as a keepsake for the rest of his life. Choose a Bible for him and have his name and the date of his christening engraved on the outside of it. He can use this Bible for years to come and remember the special day when he became a part of his religion. Another idea is to choose an age-appropriate Bible for him. Check out Christian bookstores for illustrated Bibles for small children, or Bibles that are easy to read and targeted at a certain age group, such as tweens or teens.

Picture Frame

Most people want to remember the day they are christened for the rest of their lives. So purchase a picture frame for him. Place a photo of him at church, or of him during the christening ceremony in the frame. Choose a simple silver or wooden frame that has crosses, doves or other religious symbols painted or engraved onto it. Another idea is to have the frame personalised with his name and a scripture.


Choose a fun gift for an older child who is being christened. For example, select a few Christian CDs so that he can listen to music that has a message from his new faith. For a young child, select a CD with children's church songs. An older child might enjoy music done by a modern Christian band.

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