The Specifications for a Kawasaki KDX 125

Updated March 18, 2017

The Kawasaki KDX 125 is the name of an off-road motorcycle. The Kawasaki KDX 125 was manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries based in Kobe, Japan. The Kawasaki KDX 125 was first introduced to the world during the late 1980s, and in the following years, various different versions of the motorcycle were produced.


The Kawasaki KDX 125 has a liquid cooled, two-stroke internal combustion engine. Two-stroke engines finish full cycles with the actions of single downward piston strokes and single crankshaft revolutions, as opposed to four-stroke engines. The single cylinder engine is compact and basic, and has an engine displacement (which refers to the full cylinder volume) of 124cc (cubic centimetres). The Kawasaki KDX 125 has a six-speed transmission and a maximum engine performance rate of 15 horsepower at 8,000rpm. The motorcycle has a six-speed gearbox.


The front brakes of the Kawasaki KDX 125 are single disc brakes, as are the rear brakes. The diameter of the front single disc brake is 330 millimetres, while the diameter of the rear disc brake is 220 millimetres. The single disc brakes feature one-piston calipers. Disc brakes function for both stopping or slowing down the rotation of a wheel. In order to provide the brake action, it is necessary for the disc brake system to create friction between the disc itself as well as the brake pads, which leads to the slowing down or halting of the motorcycle entirely.


The dry weight of the Kawasaki KDX 125 is slightly more than 108kg. The dry weight figure does not include fuel or equipment weight. The fuel capacity reserve for the Kawasaki KDX 125 is almost 2.5 gallons. The height of the motorcycle's seat is just under 34 inches. The wheelbase, the distance from the centre of the front wheel to the rear wheel, is just over 55 inches.

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